Thursday, January 5, 2023

Peripheral - What About Bob? / Fuck You and Eat Shit

Two more episodes don't do much of anything in regards to the investigation of what happened to Aelita West (Charlotte Riley), but we do get more the convenient here than gone medical effects on Flynne (Chloƫ Grace Moretz), a short confrontation between Flynne and Cherise (T'Nia Miller), and the introduction of yet more characters in another hired killer (Ned Dennehy) in the present and a pair of investigators (Alexandra Billings and Anjli Mohindra) in the future. Because both episodes are so geared to adding more to the story, unfortunately we don't get much movement on existing stories, although we get some flashbacks including one that shows the injuries to Conner (Eli Goree) were caused by one of the experiments from the future (which you would expect to have some sort of payoff).

  • Title: Peripheral - What About Bob? / Fuck You and Eat Shit
  • IMDb: link / link

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