Thursday, January 12, 2023

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - The Solitary Clone

Feeling more like an episode of The Clone Wars than The Bad Batch, we're given an episode to catch-up on Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker) who is sent on a mission with Cody (Baker) and other Clones for the Empire needing to squash a Separtist uprising on Desix. Along with offering a check-in with the black sheep of the Bad Batch, the episode also offers an example of how the Empire put the Clones to work after taking power and how similar their missions were... with a few key differences. It's a fine episode that just feels out of place as the season is still trying to setting the status quo for characters not even referred to here. The episode ends with Cody apparently deserting after being unable to execute an order, but the more effective outcome would have the Empire killing him offering another lesson to Crosshair of their brutality.

  • Title: Star Wars: The Bad Batch - The Solitary Clone
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