Thursday, January 26, 2023

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Entombed

After discovering a compass Omega (Michelle Ang) found in a junk yard might be a map to treasure, she and Phee (Wanda Sykes) convince the Bad Batch to go in search of whatever might at the end of the map. "Entombed" offers the expected moments of the Bad Batch working their way through the quest from finding the hidden tomb, to deciphering riddles, to avoiding boobytraps, and eventually reaching their prize. "Entombed" is one of those episodes that will work find for viewers as long as they don't start asking some rather obvious questions (particularly in what happens after the twist).

The episode's twist is the odd crystal is actual some kind of lock on the tomb which is actually a transformer that begins destroying the planet when its removed forcing the group to sacrifice their prize in order to deactivate it again. Who created the thing? Why was it locked rather than destroyed? Why the elaborate riddles if this was never a tomb and just a sleeping robotic monster? Putting the crystal back in then destroys the creature leaving the group to return, again, without any treasure. If the crystal could destroy the machine, why didn't whoever locked and hid it do so rather than simply locking it and allowing it to be found?

  • Title: Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Entombed
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