Monday, January 30, 2023

Wednesday - Woe What a Night

Discovering Xavier (Percy Hynes White) has drawings of the creature in the woods, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) offers a sample of his DNA and a claw from what she believes is the monster's cave to the sheriff in an uneasy alliance between the pair. Although she initially asks him to the dance, in a way to explain away her snooping, Wednesday ends up showing up with Tyler (Hunter Doohan) thanks largely to Thing playing matchmaker with the pair. 

The dance dominates the B-story as well as Enid (Emma Myers), not understanding why Ajax (Georgie Farmer) stood her up, goes with one of the Pilgrim boys. However, his motives are far from pure as he and the other townies make a splash spraying red paint into the hall. In typical romcom fashion, the gag pushes Enid and Ajax back together before the episode ends with another vision for Wednesday and trouble for Eugene (Moosa Mostafa).

  • Title: Wednesday - Woe What a Night
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