Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Will Trent - Don't Let It Happen Again

The third episode of Will Trent takes some unexpected turns as a pair of recent killings tie back to the murder of a family decades before. Although the episode tips its hand a bit as to who the killer is, the reveal still works especially in how the climax affects Faith (Iantha Richardson). We get a little more bonding between Trent (Ramón Rodríguez) and Faith, a quick look at how Trent has grown attached to Betty, and in the subplot an old mistake comes back to bite Angie (Erika Christensen) leading her back to Trent for comfort. More murder of the week than the first two episodes, "Don't Let It Happen Again" is a solid episode even if the show still hasn't gotten me sold on its subplots yet.

  • Title: Will Trent - Don't Let It Happen Again
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