Wednesday, December 6, 2023

007: For King and Country #6

The six-issue mini-series 007: For King and Country concludes with James Bond dealing with the betrayal of his former Gwendolyn Gann who has used both Bond and Felix Leiter to stage not a takedown of Myrmidon but a hostile takeover with Gann the new power behind the throne believing she can use the power for good. Foreshadowed throughout the series, it's no surprise it came down to the old friends on opposite sides in the end.

Learning a bit of the magic of Fromm's super-soldiers allows a loophole for Bond to disable the Myrmidon network and grab an unlikely victory just as Gann was celebrating her win. Surprisingly, we don't get an end to the Bond/Gann story as the spy manages to escape (possibly to turn up somewhere down the line) and Bond goes back to work (after making sure there's nothing left of Fromm's tech for any government, including his own, to weaponize).

[Dynamite Entertainment, $4.99]

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