Monday, December 4, 2023

Moon Knight #29

With the end of the arc quickly approaching, Moon Knight as his friends fight their way through the remaining obstacles to save the city from the Black Spectre. Moon Knight #29 includes not one but two reveals of the villain's true identity. After an exhausted Marc Spector kills the Black Spectre, Moon Knight discovers it was only Ryan Trent (one of the villains who formerly used that name) only to get blindsided and discover the identity of the true mastermind of his troubles.

While the main focus is on Moon Knight versus the stand-in Spectre, the comic offers more action in the way of Hunter's Moon taking down Sarnak, Soldier rescuing Tigra, and Reese defending the Midnight Mission from Zodiac. With these other pieces wrapped up here, there should be plenty of time in the conclusion to try and explain the reveal of the Black Spectre's true identity and offer us Moon Knight's final stand.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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