Tuesday, December 19, 2023

White Widow #2

Yelena's new life in the suburbs gives us a trip to the farmer's market, discussions with her neighbors about corporations, assassins at her door, and Armament taking a forceful approach in an attempt to kick Yelena out of Idyllhaven. White Widow #2 is another fun issue starting with a flashback of Yelena dealing with another assassin also sent to kill Wolverine who offers some off-the-cuff advice that has changed the assassin's career path.

Armament first sending assassins to her door to retrieve the recovered tech, and then using legal threats to try and scare Yelena out of her apartment, along with more information that sounds like the company is collecting assassins (including some Yelena is mentoring) suggests there is far more going on with the company than the locals know. Picking not one but two fights with the White Widow isn't likely to turn out well for them in the end, but it should force some action by Yelena which might also bring answers.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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