Monday, December 18, 2023

Yu Yu Hakusho - Episode 1

Adapted from the manga of the same name, Yu Yu Hakusho introduces us to troubled but honorable teen Yusuke Urameshi (Takumi Kitamura) who dies in the first episode and returns to life as a spirit detective to investigate appearances of Yōkai and demons escaping from the underworld through a giant pit. Given that so much of the episode focuses on Yusuke's life prior to death, we get to know far more about him than the odd circumstances he finds himself in. Originally fine with moving on to heaven or hell and forgoing the offer to return, our protagonist agrees to help save those he left behind.

Despite not understanding his new abilities, Yusuke is able the drive a demon out of a grief-stricken friend through the abilities hea had as a fighter prior to his death and the compassion within him only those close to him know he has. As the show continues, one would expect more information about the spirit realm, demons, and the nature of the world Yusuke has found himself in to be believed. Given the tease of other warriors and a race to recover mysterious artifacts which in the wrong hands could unbalance the world, I'm guessing we won't be in short supply of monsters or action either.

  • Title: Yu Yu Hakusho - Episode 1
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