Sunday, December 31, 2023

Maggie Moore(s)

The plot of Maggie Moore(s) makes for an intriguing trailer but a deeply flawed movie. The plot involves the death of two different women named Maggie Moore in the same small town exactly one week apart. There are basically two-halves of the story stuck together with scotch tape and a prayer with a romance subplot thrown in as well creating a film with enjoyable moments here and there but more than a few issues it simply can't overcome.

In one thread, we see Police Chief Jordan Sanders (Jon Hamm) and Deputy Reddy (Nick Mohammed) investigating each of the murders, even after getting a confession to both which could close both cases. In the other, we see our "mastermind" behind both killings in failing restauranter dipshit Andy (Christopher Denham) who gets himself in hot water with his wife, the first Maggie (Mary Holland), among others, and hires our hitter (Happy Anderson) to take care of the situation. And then hires him again. And again.

Maggie Moore(s) is a film about stupid people, under the misconception they are far smarter than they are, acting stupid in a rather straightforward, and often not all that humorous, ways. Despite the promise of its premise, the separate stories never really gel. Splitting the focus between the cops and the criminals doesn't help either storyline, and while Jordan starting a relationship with the neighbor (Tina Fey) of one of the victims is interesting, it also unintentionally highlights the issues with the rest of the script. Had any of these storylines been fleshed out into a singular main story, rather than each attempting to stand on its own, I think the result would have a far less uneven film.

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