Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - Terrifying Miracles

After more of a concentration on current events and flashbacks into the pasts of Cate (Anna Sawai) and Kentaro (Ren Watabe), "Terrifying Miracles" brings back the 50s storyline with flashbacks that run through several import moments in Monarch history. We get a holiday party flashback to party in the 50s party which teases the romantic undercurrent between Keiko (Mari Yamamoto) and Lee (Wyatt Russell) which plays into a later flashback when Lee chooses Keiko over Monarch pushing control of the organization into the bigoted military officer played by Matthew MacCaull who doubts every aspect of it. The flashbacks also show the return of Godzilla, a secret Lee chooses to keep from the military given the shake-up within the organization.

There's a lot happening in this episode, possibly too much with what feels at times a series of events only loosely tied together to fit so many pieces into a single episode. In the more modern storyline, freed by an unexpected ally, Lee (Kurt Russell) and the kids head to the Algerian Desert where they find both Cate and Kentaro's missing father and Godzilla (along with a device which was featured in the 1950s). Finding proof that their father lives but not answers as to what he's doing or why he leaves again, the explorers plan to head home which is only further cemented by May's (Kiersey Clemons) confession leading into the next episode's exploration of her past. 

  • Title: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - Terrifying Miracles
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