Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Mavka: The Forest Song

After years of being separated, the human world and the magical world of the forest are brought back together in Mavka: The Forest Song. A nymph of Spring, Mavka (Laurie Hymes) and her people are distrustful of humans, their greed, an their destruction, causing the magical creatures to exile them from their realm until the arrival of the goodhearted Lukas (Eddy Lee) searching for a cure for his sick uncle and the not so goodhearted Kylina (Elena Kravets) and her minions looking for the secret of eternal youth and power.

The animation is a bit hit-and-miss, but is at its best with Mavka and the various animals of the forest. Likely to appeal more to kids than adults, the Ukrainian animated film is a perfectly fine, if almost completely forgettable, tale taking its themes and characters from Ukrainian and Slavic folk mythology. While it holds no real surprises, it does provide a nice moral for younger viewers.

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  • Title: Mavka: The Forest Song
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