Monday, December 4, 2023

NCIS: Sydney - Brothers in Arms

When a shark upchucks the arm of a retired Navy SEAL still wearing his Navy dive computer (with the GPS disabled), NCIS looks into what the diver was doing out alone and what happened to the rest of him. The sailor's body eventually washes up but the drone Blue (Mavournee Hazel) discovered evidence of remains missing. A little raid of the dive shop where the victim worked by DeShawn (Sean Sagar) and Evie (Tuuli Narkle) leads to a discovery of smuggled drugs and definite motive for murder, but despite the suspects' willingness to confess JD (Todd Lasance) believes something more is going on.

Running through the thread is Blue's impending departure from the team before she eventually becomes a full member of the team (to absolutely no one's surprise except Blue). By far the most likeable character on the show, cementing Blue's role is good business (even if there was never a doubt that she would be exiting the show so quickly). When the drone eventually shows up, NCIS discovers it's a surveillance drone and not tied to the smuggling leading to even more questions for the team, as does the discovery that the dead former SEAL wasn't killed by a shark, but it also provides a new motive to the crime (which also opens the door to larger implications about the US Government's role in events).

  • Title: NCIS: Sydney - Brothers in Arms
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