Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Obliterated - Real American Heroes

The first episode of Obliterated tells us everything to know about the characters and the series which apparently both have the same stunted level of intelligence. Our main characters are a cobbled together special ops team run by CIA Agent Ava Winters (Shelley Hennig). If your wondering how the show gets around the CIA running domestic ops... well, it basically just ignores the fact that they are a foreign intelligence service and is barred from anything remotely like what Obliterated gives us (or even a halfway rational version of events depicted). Could Obliterated be dumb fun? Possibly, although there's certainly more dumb than fun in this first episode.

After taking down an arms dealer (Costa Ronin) and capturing a suitcase nuke, the team blows off steam in Las Vegas with even the uptight Ava letting loose for a change only to discover hours later that the bomb they captured is a fake and the real one is still out in the wild which they drunk, drugged, and hungover members of the team will need to find before morning. We don't really get to know the team much other than surface character introductions including the tech's (Kimi Rutledge) crush on the lead soldier (Nick Zano), which is problematic when she discovers him hate-fucking Ava, two other soldiers (Terrence Terrell and Paola Lázaro) each enjoying horny homosexual partying, a bomb expert (C. Thomas Howell) who's "crazy," and the buttoned down grown-up of the group (Eugene Kim).

  • Title: Obliterated - Real American Heroes
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