Monday, December 11, 2023

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - The Way Out

A bit of a transitionary episode, in which one of our characters will have to face the horrors of their past, "The Way Out" gives us Monarch releasing Cate (Anna Sawai), Kentaro (Ren Watabe), and May (Kiersey Clemons) who will make their way to San Fransisco hoping the illusive answers about Cate and Kentaro's father not found in Japan may be found in the ruins of his other life. Monarch keeps ahold of Lee (Kurt Russell) hoping to find answers about what the former Monarch solider is after and why he chose the arrival of these three kids for his first escape attempt in years.

In San Fransisco, the show provides a look at the aftermath of Godzilla's battle with on G-Day. Even years later, large sections of the city are completely closed off with survivors living in reclamation camps. To find answers, Cate and her new friends will have to sneak into the ruins of the city patrolled by soldiers looking to shoot looters and filled with the ghosts and memories of Cate's life on G-Day. We get the awkward reunion of Cate and her mother (Tamlyn Tomita) who takes the truth about her husband's double life and son fairly well, as well as a look at what Cate's life looked like before her trip to Japan.

Having only so far seen Cate traveling far from home, wrapped up in the mystery and danger of events, "The Way Out" brings her back to ground zero where she can't run from the traumatic experiences which continue to haunt her, causing flashbacks and panic attacks as the three work through the ruins of the city to find her father's office and another clue to what is really going on. This episode expands on the panic attack we saw during the Godzilla drill in Japan and goes a long way to further flesh out Cate giving Anna Sawai juicy scenes to dig her teeth into as the show prepares to move into the second half of its run.

  • Title: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - The Way Out - The Way Out
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