Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Duke #2

After his run-in with a Decepticon, and taking the blame for its death and destruction, Duke is on the run from former friends and allies leading him back to an old childhood friend. His respite, although fruitful in learning where the Transformer beacon is pointing him, is ultimately cut short as Duke and Clutch are rounded up by Stalker and Rock 'n Roll and returned to the Pit.

The plausibility of Duke's immeadiate fall from grace feels a bit strained, but the story is what it is creating circumstances for an unusual pairing. The first two issues lead us to the final panel of Duke #2 providing circumstances where a captured and disgraced Duke may agree to the kind of partnership he would never have previously considered. In order to gain his freedom and get to the truth, will Duke be willing to work with the Baroness

[Image, $3.99]

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