Tuesday, February 13, 2024

ThunderCats #1

Set after the events of the ThunderCats crashlanding on Third Earth, this new series offers a few panels to explain the backstory before jumping into the young Lion-O itching to prove himself as leader. I'm glad the comic starts after the Thundercats arrive, but it does have the unenviable position of dealing with Lion-O at his most insufferable period. Personally, I wouldn't have minded setting the series a bit further down the line where the leader of the ThunderCats had matured.

That said, fans should enjoy the issue which gives us all of the ThunderCats, Lion-O using the sword to call out his friends, as well as Slithe and the Mutants who break the Sword of Omens in the opening issue and even Mumm-Ra who becomes aware of the Eye of Thundera on his world. And, in the comic putting its own spin on the characters, ThunderCats #1 suggests the villain has a history with the artifact long before the ThunderCats arrive.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $4.99]

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