Friday, February 23, 2024

Wonder Woman #6

While it's unclear what Diana's allies were doing, especially given the recent effort to show how unwilling each of them was to let her stand alone, that's exactly what is in store for Wonder Woman as the Sovereign sends a coordinated attack against the Amazon using the various allies gathered in the last issue (GigantaCirceDoctor PsychoAngle ManGrail, and Silver Swan) in the National Mall while leaving one more surprise for last.

One could certainly argue the comic veers into overkill in showcasing the beating Diana can take and keep getting up again, in some ways it feels like a Superman story, but even so it's impressive nonetheless ending with Wonder Woman collapsing in sheer exhaustion only after defeating all challengers, even Grail who lasted far longer than the rest. But don't fret about the Sovereign getting their hands on her, as the narration foreshadows, Wonder Woman is far from finished as despite all their preparation her enemies have still underestimated their opponent.

[DC, $4.99]

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