Monday, February 26, 2024

Zorro - The Wedding

"The Wedding" offers the final cat and mouse game between Nah-Lin (Dalia Xiuhcoatl) and Diego (Miguel Bernardeau) when she threatens to kill Lolita (Renata Notni) on her wedding day to Monasterio (Emiliano Zurita) unless Diego gives up the mantle of Zorro. Zorro kidnaps her instead, saving her but also unintentionally revealing his secret to her which will play into the final two episodes of the series. Despiste her suspicions about Zorro's true identity, Lolita's part of the episode ends with her marriage while Diego still has Nah-Lin to deal with.

Zorro takes Nah-Lin back to her own people and the pair duel for the right to be Zorro. In that fight, for the first time not completely blinded by vengeance, Nah-Lin sees something within the new version of Zorro she had not noticed before. After defeat, she calmly renounces any right to Zorro and takes her place to await the judgement of her people. The final part of the episode includes the ever-winding storyline of  Guadalupe Montoro (Cecilia Su├írez) and her "son" (Joel Bosqued) making a final stop on their way to Los Angeles to fake his lineage and provide a legal claim for part of Alejandro de la Vega's estate.

  • Title: Zorro - The Wedding
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