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Zorro - Mask Games / The Myth

In "Mask Games," Diego's (Miguel Bernardeau) actions force the Governor (Rodolfo Sancho) to put up the Ramirez land for auction. With the help of the an unlikely ally, and Mei (Chacha Huang) as their go between, Diego is able to keep the Russians from the bidding on the land although he himself is also kept away with his introduction to the secret cult of the Bear Clan, leaving Bernardo (Paco Tous) to place the last minute winning bid. So far, the fumbled development of the secret society has been one of the show's only mistakes.

"The Myth" is an interesting episode that has multiple segments showing the recent events of through stories printed in The Californian showcasing Zorro as hero and both Monasterio (Emiliano Zurita) and Diego as enemies of the people. Both Diego and the Russians use the stories for their own ends with Zorro's (almost too-late) rescue of the captured Nah-Lin (Dalia Xiuhcoatl) which doesn't quite go according to plan and big shakeups to both the local government and the Russian contingent.

Other aspects of the two episodes which end with the animosity between Diego and Nah-Lin ratcheted up once more include Lolita (Renata Notni) spending time at the prison with Monasterio, Diego linking one of his neighbors to the secret society, the movements of the hired gun Samael (Joel Bosqued), and both episodes weaving in the newspaper characters first helping Diego in forcing the Governor's hand with the auction and later in the printing of the Zorro stories.

  • Title: Zorro - Mask Games / The Myth
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