Friday, February 23, 2024

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Confined

The Season Three premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch focuses on the daily routine of Omega (Michelle Ang) now a prisoner of the Imperial Research Facility on Weyland. We don't get the rest of the Bad Batch, except for Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker) who is also a guinea pig for the doctors. Because the focus is the structure and banality of Omega's current plight without hope of escape, the premiere provides less action than almost any episode of the series, although there are some important pieces to the overall puzzle revealed.

Omega hasn't given up on Crosshair whose redemption tale and reunion with his brothers continues to remain one of the largest possible untapped threads of the series. Something in Omega's blood is the key to what Doctor Hemlock (Jimmi Simpson) is searching for, and, despite being forced into service Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo), is aware of the truth and continues to hide it from the Empire. Despite her coldness, Doctor Emerie Karr (Keisha Castle-Hughes) eventually does show Omega a kindness (although one would think as a clone of Omega the secret of her blood would be present her as well?). Hemlock uses blackmail, threatening to hurt Crosshair, if Omega steps out of line. In the long term, I don't think this ploy will work for him as well as it has with Nala Se.

  • Title: Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Confined
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