Thursday, February 29, 2024

Zorro: Man of the Dead #2

Reunited with her brother for the first time in years, Rosa's attempts to get Diego out of La Vega are hampered by the cartel closing down its borders in search of them, Diego's delusion of being the 19th Century Zorro and his determination to stay and lead a revolution, and the willingness of everyone they meet to gladly buy into Zorro's return in the community's time of need. While some were willing to flee, the return of Zorro has given them hope and a willingness to fight.

There's plenty of swashbuckling Zorro action here as the hero takes down several of the cartel's killers despite their overwhelming firepower advantage. Rosa's frustration with her brother's delusion grows with every page as she becomes dimly aware that there is nothing she can do to shake Diego's belief that he is Zorro, now bolstered by a force made from the locals, who have just journeyed to a location that will likely only reinforce his beliefs even more.

[Massive Publishing, $4.99]

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