Monday, February 19, 2024

Death and Other Details - Tragic

After her short romantic bliss with Jules (Hugo Diego Garcia), Imogene (Violett Beane) reality crashes back down to earth once she learns Rufus (Mandy Patinkin) has connected her new beau to Victor Sams who also claims a new victim on the ship preventing Alexandra (Tamberla Perry) for divulging any of dirty little secrets to Interpol. "Tragic" fills in Jules' backstory as well as providing another confession by Rufus (which is the shakiest sequence of the the entire episode as the episode flipflops again on just how good a detective Rufus really is). Heading into the final two episodes, next week will put the focus back on the murder of Imogene's mother with the finale bringing all events to a head and revealing a murderer.

  • Title: Death and Other Details - Tragic
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