Thursday, February 8, 2024

Holmes & Houdini #1

Holmes & Houdini #1 brings together the descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Harry Houdini who each are investigating different aspects of the same mystery. Only brought together in the final panel, we'll have to wait for proper introductions until issue #2. What the first issue does do is introduce both characters separately to the audience. Erica Houdini, magician and thief, puts her unique skills to the test in order to search for information about the death of her boyfriend.

Houdini's search leads her into a vault where she encounters Spencer Holmes on her latest case (which got her in the vault in a far less delicate manner). As to what the pair find in the vault, the mysterious artifact may lead to some answers for both of them. For me the Houdini storyline worked better than the Holmes one, which lacks the same motivation, but I am curious to see how the two will interact over the remaining two issues of the three-issue mini-series.

[Zenescope, $5.99]

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