Monday, February 12, 2024


SHAZAM! #7 ended with a host of trouble for the Captain to work through. It's impressive that Billy manages to tackle everything in this issue, especially after discovering the destroyed house also puts the foster family in jeopardy as Rosa and Victor couldn't house the kids without a house. Relying on the help of Darla to wear down the Galactic Auditors and end both their nagging of paperwork and demands to return Mr. Space Dinosaur to them, Billy then turns his attention to the house itself.

The issue offers a couple more confrontations with Black Adam, and one more with Zeus where the fate of the house is settled. Olympian magic returns the home, a bit improved (maybe with a surprise or two for next issue) and Billy and Black Adam, who owns his part in the destruction and backs Billy's plea to Zeus, are back to a tenuous truce of ignoring each other. Far from friends, at least they aren't enemies... at least until their next confrontation. 

[DC, $3.99]

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