Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breaking In - Game of Jones

When Molly (Erin Richards) senses a scam, Oz (Christian Slater) tries to prove the existence of Contra Security's non-existant top international salesman. Jealous of the attention the firm's fictional hero is receiving, Veronica (Megan Mullally) enlists the help of Cameron (Bret Harrison) to help make friends in the office which leads to poorly thought out "karaoke-luau-fondue-murder-mystery-cirque-du-so-game-night, and also comedy roast."

While attempting to help Oz keep the secret of Dr. Jones Cash (Alphonso McAuley) can't help but embellish a bit and soon Contra's pop-culture-impaired employee is video chatting with a motion capture version of the renown salesman and archaeological enthusiast on the search for the Staff of Ra who bears a striking resemblance to another Dr. Jones.

What starts as a lie to protect Oz soon turns into a real friendship as Molly gives "Jones" advice on how to woo the woman of his dreams - namely Contra's sandwich girl Phoebe (Anabelle Acosta). After finding out the truth Molly is furious, but seeing Cash's feelings for Phoebe are real, she decides to help him which leads to the episode's best sequence as Cash, clad in a fedora and leather jacket, attempts to dodge the pitfalls of the office and reach Phoebe before she leaves.

The departure of Odette Annable certainly leaves the show with a hole to fill, but Molly's unexpected friendship with Cash turns out to be an intriguing new angle I hope we see more of. I'm not as sold on Veronica's storyline as once again if feels the writers, like the character, are trying far too hard to get us to like her.

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