Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snake Eyes #11

"Cobra Command" continues as the JOE's try to pick up the pieces after being unable to stop COBRA from detonating nuclear weapons in Nanzhao. The remaining JOE's, including Flint, Hard Drive, Tripwire, and Roadblock, are fight for their lives against B.A.T. robots while Snake Eyes goes after Storm Shadow and his army of Arashikage ninja.

After dispatching quite a few ninja, Snake Eyes finds himself before his sword-brother who makes him an offer he can't refuse, and Helix can't believe. Admitting to Snake Eyes the the new Cobra Commander is now their common enemy Storm Shadow offers a truce between the two to cripple COBRA and take revenge for the assassination of his former master Oda Satori.

Snake Eyes turn is certainly of interest, and you'd have to assume the pair (for however long they can co-exist) will be a huge threat to COBRA and their new commander. Although unexpected it does give Snake Eyes a very real opportunity to take down the terrorist organization who the JOE's couldn't stop from nuking an entire country. Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

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