Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Mentalist – Cheap Burgundy

While the CBI investigates the death of a young woman murdered by someone she met in an online chat room Jane (Simon Baker) agrees to help FBI Agent Susan Darcy (Catherine Dent) with her own murder investigation involving a woman sexually assaulted and killed in the woods. However, Agent Darcy has a secondary motive for wanting Jane involved with the case.

Lisbon (Robin Tunney) agrees with Jane's assessment that the woman's very wealthy boss (Craig Sheffer) is most likely suspect, but despite punching Jane in the face  in front of newscameras the only thing the CBI has to hold him on is assault, and only then for 48-hours.

The leading suspect for Darcy and Jane is a shell shocked soldier (Gino Anthony Pesi) suffering from blackouts recently returned from overseas who is found a day later in the woods holding the murder weapon with the victim's blood on his clothes. Despite the man's willingness to confess Jane believes the soldier isn't the killer they are looking for.

After coming clean to Darcy about his belief that Red John is still alive and being accused of being one of his disciples by the FBI Agent (I logic jump I have trouble following), Jane has to call on Lisbon to help solve the murder by proving the woman's in-laws (Perry KingRoxanne Hart) were responsible for drugging the young lovers, killing their daughter-in-law and framing the soldier. He's also able to get Lisbon's suspect to show his guilt at the last minute just as the man was being released.

Despite being accused of working with the serial killer who murdered his wife and child, something Jane doesn't take seriously - but Lisbon certainly does, it turns out to be a good week for the former psychic who is able to solve not one but two murders using his own unique methods.

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