Monday, March 5, 2012

Justice League #6

I won't go so far to say the latest issue of Justice League is good but it's damn sight better than worthless piece of crap Geoff Johns and Jim Lee signed their names to last month.

There are some improvements. Dakrseid's ridiculous makeover continues to be tweaked to lessen the effect of the big arrow pointing as his crotch. The dialogue for the team is slightly better (although we still get quite a few groaners mixed in), and the resolution, which helps elevate Cyborg by making him the hero of the hour, works fine.

That said, there's plenty of problems. Although the idea of framing the Justice League's battle with Darkseid from the view of the people on the street is a good one, the narration and dialogue of the populace is pretty damn awful in spots reading far too much like jingoistic plot points (or hamfisted Super Friends references) than phrases anyone would actually say.

Personally, I was also less than happy with the continued bickering between the group while on-stage to be congratulated - not to mention the Flash's poor first attempt at naming the team.

Also worth of note is the short back-up story involving Pandora which, despite what DC says publicly, continues to hedge the company's bets by further opening the door that not everyone is happy with the New 52 - including the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger. Next month - Captain Marvel. Hit-and-Miss.

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