Saturday, March 24, 2012

Community - Contemporary Impressionists

The group reconnects after returning from winter break. Jeff (Joel McHale) admits to seeing a new therapist who has proscribed an anti-anxiety medication that sadly overemphasizes his worst qualities by making him even more narcissistic than usual. Meanwhile Annie (Alison Brie) becomes concerned with Abed's (Danny Pudi) new fixation of hiring celebrity impersonators for his own personal use - especially after the group learns he owes $3,000 to the service's owner who looks remarkably like French Stewart.

In order to help pay off Abed's debt the group agrees to work as celebrity impersonators for a big event on Saturday - Howie Schwartz's Star Mitzvah. Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) gets to play Oprah, Jeff is Ryan Seacrest, Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) each play a different version of Michael Jackson, Pierce (Chevy Chase) is fat Brando, Annie is Judy Garland, and Abed is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Meanwhile, due to budgetary cutbacks Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) allows Chang (Ken Jeong) to hire student security iterns for credit in "safety, or math, or something." The two stories converge at the fake award show where Chang enlists some young men to be his disciples and Jeff's ego snaps in a very Hulk-ish manner that leaves him on the side of the road shirtless while the theme to The Incredible Hulk plays.

The shows that center around Abed's obsessions are usually some of the show's best and "Contemporary Impressionists" is no exception. Not only does it provide some wacky moments for each member of the cast, but Troy is forced to do the one thing he argues to the group they can't ever do - reign in his best friend.

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