Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missing - The Hard Drive

After being shot and left for dead Becca (Ashley Judd) is forced to enlist the help of an old friend (Cyrielle Clair). In order to continue to search for her son Michael (Nick Eversman), Becca blackmails the Deputy Director of French Intelligence (Joaquim de Almeida) into offering his help, but the agreement they reach does mean Becca will have to give up something as well - namely the proof of the man's corruption she's using to blackmail him with in the form the witness (Lothaire Bluteau) who could put him away for murder and corruption.

When faced with betraying a man she trusts to one she doesn't for only the slimmest hope of retreiving her son, Becca has not choice but to accept the terms. However, at the last minute she smells the trap and narrowly avoids getting her asset killed. Orders from Washington force Miller (Cliff Curtis) to offer Lussier the same deal for his help in bringing Becca in.

After creating an international incident, putting a man who trusted her in danger, and getting no closer to finding her son, Becca is forced to clean up the mess she helped create by breaking into French Intelligence while Giannini (Adriano Giannini) agrees to relocate the witness' family. Although Becca and the man known only as Hard Drive are able to safely move his family and take down Lussier, Becca is only minutes too late to stop the men who have kidnapped her son from smuggling them out of the country.

Although rough in spots, such as the all-too-obvious stunt-double during Becca's far-too-easy break-in at French Intelligence, the second episode certainly ramps up the tension and forces Becca to take a hard look at herself and understand how far she's willing to go to save her son. The episode's final sequence, though incredibly manipulative, does work well as a heart-breaking cliffhanger.

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