Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Crazy Ones - Hugging the Now

While Lauren (Amanda Setton) helps Simon (Robin Williams) campaign for the first advertising award he's been nominated for in three years Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is more interested in throwing a party at the office in order to catch up with one of the other nominees who was her high school crush (Michael Landes) who was voted most likely to stay awesome (two years running).

After beginning to date Josh, Sydney is mortified to discover her high school crush has stolen his father's advertising campaign to try and win himself the award. Although Sydney's dream guy turns out to have feet of clay and Simon is beaten out for the award, the entire firm goes out to celebrate afterwards which includes Lauren, Zach (James Wolk), and Andrew (Hamish Linklater) making the snow globe dream version of her perfect date come true.

In the series up-and-down first season, "Hugging the Now" proves to be one of the better episodes as the awkward sweetness of the situations isn't overshadowed completely by the antics and improvisation. Sydney storming into a rival's office to tell off a potential boyfriend is a scene out of any number of sitcoms, but the show manages to put its own spin on the cliche (and I've got to say Josh's excuse isn't all that hard to buy). It's the episode's final scene, however, where the group comes together to comfort Sydney during Simon's defeat that we see what the firm can accomplish when they aren't preening for the camera (as they do in the episode's opening pitch for an erection pill).

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