Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bones - The Heiress of the Hill

As Booth (David Boreanaz) deals with the fact his wife makes more money than him (something the character has none and dealt with repeatedly over the course of the series, but hey let's do it again) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) discovers he has a mental patient (Jonno Roberts) for a brother (somebody watched Rain Man the week this script was due), the Jeffersonian works to help the FBI solve the murder of a community college student who was kidnapped the day before.

Unaware that the FBI has found the body, the kidnappers continue to send ransom demands to the victim's father (John Getz) and stepmother (Ana Alexander). Booth talks to the victim's Spanish teacher (Assaf Cohen) and dog walker (Joey Capone), but after Angela (Michaela Conlin) discovers the victim's own cell phone, which is still in her parents' house, was used to make the ransom demand, Booth turns his investigation to the stepmother who was having an affair with her trainer and had recently taken out a kidnapping policy on her stepdaughter.

A distracted Hodgins, Cam (Tamara Taylor), and Fisher (Joel David Moore) piece together the young woman's accidental death and discover the identity of the kidnapper who was trying to save her. That along with Angela decrypting the phone, these discoveries nab them a killer who was working with their victim to blackmail money from her parents. And, despite money issues and his brother's violent outbursts, Hodgins finds comfort in a piece of his family he never knew existed.

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