Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Crazy Ones - Simon Roberts Was Here

While house-sitting a cat food company's mascot, Simon (Robin Williams), Zach (James Wolk), and Andrew (Hamish Linklater) attempt to come up with a marketing campaign which becomes difficult when the firm's new quantitative analyst shoots down all of their ideas. After making, and then losing,  a bet with "the Quant" (Sandeep Parikh) on which the fate of the direction of the campaign's pitch lies, which leads Simon to throw-in the towel on creativity in favor of Colin's mathematical formulas and graphs (and begin playing his bagpipes of sadness).
It takes a grand (and illegal) gesture, and a night in jail for their boss, for Zach and Andrew to snap Simon out of his malaise and discover a way to use Colin's data in a creative way and save the account. While admitted not a cat person, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) becomes quickly attached to Mr. Princess (despite Colin's data that says getting a cat is the first step of her destiny to die alone). Although the talk of her attachment to the can becomes the talk of the office, Sydney decides to keep Mr. Princess which leads to the possibility of two new men in her life.

The billboard was a nice touch (although after explaining it in so much detail recreating it exactly from Simon's vision felt a bit like overkill). The cat gets some of the best moments from both Sydney and Lauren (Amanda Setton) whose lovey-dovey commentary with the cat while describing horrific events is pretty damn cute.

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