Monday, August 11, 2014

Beware the Batman - Darkness

With Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) captured and all of Gotham plunged into darkness, Beware the Batman picks up the thread of the mid-season finale as Katana (Sumalee Montano) struggles to work with Alfred (JB Blanc) given Ra's al Ghul's (Lance Reddick) revelation about her father's death and Batman is forced to make an unlikely partnership to secure his escape.

Although not as strong as "Fall" (easily the best episode of the series so far), "Darkness" returns several key characters, begins playing with the dynamic between Katana and Alfred, and allows Batman to win some small victories against the League of Assassins following his defeat in the previous episode. "Darkness" also showcases Barbara Gordon's (Tara Strong) computer hacking skills and offers the first utterance of codename which could redefine the character's role on the show going forward.

Far from wrapping up the League storyline, "Darkness" ends with Batman free but his two bickering sidekicks captured, gangs taking over the streets of Gotham, and Ra's al Ghul holding the city hostage. Realizing the Dark Knight Detective needs to be dealt with quickly, the episode ends with a scene featuring several of the show's villains being released with a single task: take down the Batman.

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