Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fatale #24

The over-sized final issue of the series brings the story of Josephine, Nicholas Lash, and the Bishop and his obsessed cult to an end. Opening with a fairy tale description explaining the reasons behind Josephine's existence and the sacrifice demanded of her, Fatale #24 picks up with a tortured Lash in control of the Bishop soon to be joined by Josephine who the group finally catches up with.

Still keeping details close to the vest, for the second issue in a row the series explains more about Josephine and her relationship to the cult. Fatale #24 wraps up the storyline of every major character with a bloody end when Josephine's plan hits a snag or two almost costing her life.

I am surprised of the finality of events shown here as I expected writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips to leave Josephine's story a bit more open-ended. However, given the character's long life there are likely dozens of untapped stories to be told should the pair choose to return to Josephine's story somewhere down the line. Worth a look.

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