Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rookie Blue - Deal with the Devil

Nothing goes according to plan for anyone in the latest episode of Rookie Blue as Andy's (Missy Peregrym) hearing is moved up to the final week of Oliver's (Matt Gordon) time as acting staff sergeant of 15 Division. Turning down the permanent position, Oliver is forced to reconsider as the hearing into Duncan Moore's (Matthew Owen Murray) dismissal begins to paint one of Oliver's favorite officers into a dangerous corner which could permanently derail her career.

While focused on the hearing, Oliver also has to deal with the arrival of his daughter Zoe (Stacy Smith) at the station after the high school student got herself sent home from school following an unorthodox protest. Assigning Gail (Charlotte Sullivan), who is already distracted by being forced to deal with Holly (Aliyah O'Brien) professionally, to watch his daughter until the end of the hearing doesn't go exactly as planned either. The same could be said for Chloe's (Priscilla Faia) birthday plans which are ruined by dumpster diving through a mobster's trash and having Epstein (Gregory Smith) forget her birthday dinner when he discovers the truth behind Diaz's (Travis Milne) odd behavior.

The culmination of the episode returns Duncan to work at 15 (despite everyone acknowledging he has no right to wear a badge), leaves Andy feeling betrayed (despite what Oliver had to sacrifice to stop an investigation into her records), and installs Oliver in a permanent position of authority in 15 Division. The Diaz storyline will likely end even far messier for everyone involved and also, sadly, opens up the Epstein/Wes/Chloe love triangle subplot once more. Also a bit disappointing, Gail and Holly's final conversation seems to put the final nail in the coffin in their storyline as well remove the most interesting romantic subplot the season.

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