Thursday, August 14, 2014

Perception - Silence

Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook) calls in Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) after sniper's (Chris Coy) attack on a Federal building injures one agent and a second shooting less than 24-hours later leaves another dead. The numeric scribbling left behind by the sniper makes Pierce believe their shooter may be suffering from both Arithmomania and Hypergraphia along with an irrational fear of X-rays and radio waves which led to the attack. Pierce's own discomfort and distrust of big brother is revisited here as his own experiences will be instrumental in finding a sniper who actually didn't mean anyone harm.

After solving the second shooting in short order (which was nothing more than a murder of convenience inspired by the earlier attack by a jealous husband), Pierce and Kate track the original sniper to a remote area of Virginia where others suffering from similar conditions have taken refuge given the fact that almost no electronic devices function. Catching up with the troubled young man, Pierce steals a woman's (Kate Vernon) truck to pursue the suspect and ends up being forced to talk the confused man down while starring down the barrel of a rifle.

In the episode's B-story Brooke Nevin returns as Shelby Coulson who shows up to convince Donnie (Scott Wolf) to run for public office. The subplot is notable for several reasons including given Donnie a storyline of his own, adding a bit more strain to the impending second wedding of Kate and Donnie, and also foreshadowing a possible return of Donnie's womanizing ways based on the obvious interest of Shelby in getting to know her candidate far better.

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