Thursday, August 21, 2014

Justice League United #4

The comic's five-issue opening arc comes to a close with the team's return from Rann, but two members don't make the trip. I was surprised to see Hawkman's death not quickly reversed, and given his new connection to Alanna and the Zeta Beam the safest place for Adam Strange is Rann meaning the comic has lost two of its core members before ever getting started.

The Animal Man/Green Arrow relationship remains the best part of the book, but I am disappointed with writer Jeff Lemire's choice in Supergirl's adversarial relationship with the team, particularly Stargirl. As the comic has already lost two of its major selling points (in favor of far-less interesting stand-ins like Miiyahbin), the only way for it to succeed is to build relationships among the group which aside from Ollie and are sorely lacking.

Although Justice League United #4 wraps up the arc it doesn't do much to sell me to continue reading the title past this so-so issue which leaves the team and comic with holes to fill. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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