Thursday, August 28, 2014

Legends - Lords of War

In order to track down the missing Russian scientist (David Meunier) and his family before the man is forced to complete making the VX gas, Martin Odum (Sean Bean) assumes the role of arms dealer Dante Auerbach. Calling on an old business associate (Dominic Raines), Dante is given an introduction to the seller (Necar Zadegan) of the Chechnyans whom he must convincingly woo to get one step closer to stopping the gas from hitting the black market. In doing so he will eventually be led to the man (Alon Aboutboul) behind the scientist's kidnapping and the creation of the gas whom is prepared to sell Dante the goods provided the man proves himself first.

The short-lived relationship between Dante and the Ana Paulanos (Zadegan) is the highlight of the show's third episode. Hopefully we'll see her again. While working his best Dante magic to earn the woman's trust (both in and out of the bedroom), Martin also enlists the help of Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) to deal with the FBI agent (Morris Chestnut) Martin accidentally put on his scent when he began investigating the death of the mysterious homeless man whose warnings the undercover agent has been unable to shake off.

Although the scientist is recovered, Martin is forced to do the Colonel's bidding to keep his cover and move one step closer to achieving his goal. The short conversation between Martin and his ex-wife (Amber Valletta) also clues us into the fact that Martin is having trouble with distinguishing past events from his real life with legends he, or someone else, has created for him. The continued foreshadowing of some dark secret about the real Martin continues to be teased but it may be some time before we get any real answers to who Martin Odum really is.

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