Monday, August 18, 2014

Worlds' Finest #26

The Huntress and Power Girl's return to Earth-2 begins here. I'm on record as being vehemently against the move. Although the Worlds' Finest #26 doesn't sell me on the concept it at least doesn't lose its way by delving headfirst into a war-torn new world. It's actually odd, but we see very little of the modern day homeworld of the two heriones in their first issue back home.

Worlds' Finest's best issues have all centered on the friendship between Power Girl and Huntress which continues here and (thankfully) doesn't get overwhelmed by their new surroundings. I'm still not looking forward to months of New 52 Apokolips storylines (or Desaad's return) but at least the core relationship of the book appears to remain intact.

Oddly, the comic also continues the storyline on Prime Earth where Tanya Spears has been apparently tapped to take Power Girl's place (both in and out of tights). How or why this is possible is unclear. I also wonder how long the comic plans to split focus between two worlds taking several pages away from its established stars. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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