Thursday, August 21, 2014

Legends - Chemistry

The second episode of Legends finds Martin Odum (Sean Bean) readjusting to his life back home as the team deals with the kidnapping of a high school chemistry teacher (who was once a Russian chemical weapons designer) named Richard Hubbard (David Meunier) and his family abducted by the Chechen mafia posing as police officers who plan to put the man's expertise back to use.

Heading into the field with Crystal (Ali Larter) and Troy (Rob Mayes) to rescue Hubbard, Martin also reaches out to Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) in an attempt to find out more about the dead homeless man whose words of warning about his fake life are still rattling around his skull. Although Crystal isn't excited with having a loose canon like Martin put on the team, he's the only thing that saves her life when the meet goes quickly to hell and leaves seven dead including Troy. With all roads exhausted and the scientist creating VX gas for his abductors, Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) has no choice but to put Martin back undercover to track down the scientist before he finishes the job.

The second episode of the season works better than the first, but there's still room for improvement. "Chemistry" builds on the foundation of the "Pilot" while creating a situation dire enough to put Martin back undercover despite the fact that neither his boss nor his psychiatrist (Linda Park) believe he is ready. The introduction of Rice is rather clumsy without gaining Martin any useful intelligence, which is odd for someone with Martin's skills at using people to get what he wants. The main result of their meeting is to heighten the agent's curiosity enough to begin an investigation into Martin Odum, despite orders from his superiors to leave the situation alone.

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