Friday, August 22, 2014

Franklin & Bash - Kershaw v. Linecum

While working to get Infeld's (Malcolm McDowell) licence to practice law reinstated, and stop the bleeding caused by the number of clients jumping ship, Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) get stuck handling a divorce case between their client (Kate Beahan) and their pal the plastic surgeon (Willie Garson) who illegally sublets office space for them to help make ends meet. Although their case is even flimsier than usual, the discovery of a photograph of the doctor's ex-girlfriend provides the key to victory.

The episode's B-story features Peter and Jarod playing a series of let's make a deal trades to get get the building's property manager (Ken Weiler) to give them yet another extension on the firm's lease payment. The myriad of favors includes Dodgers tickets, restaurant reservations, and favors for a fire marshal and a restaurant owner. Although Anita (Toni Trucks) steps up to do her part and win her first case for the firm, Franklin and Bash are forced to find a new solution when one domino refuses to fall making them go the extra mile to make good on their promises (including loaning the beach house out for the weekend).

"Kershaw v. Linecum" features an odd amount of homophobic humor that doesn't always play well, although Infeld's open sexuality (exposed during the pair's plan to argue diminished capacity caused by his sex addiction) helps mitigate some of the problem. Anita proves both knowledgeable in capable for her first time in court as well as open to the types of tricks and gimmicks her two new bosses are known for which could make her development as a litigator interesting (although the loss of Carmen and Pindar is still felt). Garson is amusing in the role of friend who Franklin and Bash must beat in court but not anger or humiliate and I'm a little sad to see him leave after only a single episode.

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