Monday, August 25, 2014

Beware the Batman - Nexus

Alfred's (JB Blanc) absence begins to effect Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) as the Dark Knight pushes himself to the limits on a consistent basis with no one to pull him back from the edge. The introduction of Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) as the Gotham City District Attorney with a grudge against all costumed freaks including Gordon's "pet" doesn't help maters when Anarky (Wallace Langham) returns to frame Batman for a series of bombings which Dent is more than willing to attribute to the Dark Knight (even when witnessing evidence to the contrary with his own eyes).

It's been a long time since we've seen a version of Harvey Dent as a confrontational figure or enemy of Batman. The past few decades in comics, television, and film have consistently presented the DA as a friend to either Batman and/or Bruce Wayne before the tragic accident which transformed him into one of the Dark Knight's most dangerous adversaries. The choice works, and I'd expect Dent's resentment of Batman to only grow more after the birth of Two-Face.

With Batman pushing himself harder than usual Katana's (Sumalee Montano) concerns mount. Given his partner is unable to hold him back I'd expect Alfred to make a return rather sooner than later or for Bruce to be pushed to the limit and make a mistake that costs someone dearly (perhaps Dent?). Anarky's convoluted plan involving the bomb bracelets is bizarre (and backfires as it forces him to the middle of the action in the episode's climax), however the plan does give us a GCPD united against Batman reminding us that several members of the force are less than thrilled with the vigilante's actions.

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