Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Morning Glories #40

While spending much of the issue highlighting the underground student newspaper crew, Morning Glories #40 offers a philosophical discussion about he nature of reality with the arrival of Oliver Simon and Ellen Richmond who show up to help the class get back on track for the upcoming science fair. Although Vanessa is overjoyed at the unexpected visit from her mother, Ian is less than thrilled with his father's arrival and lecture on the nature of observable reality. However, the debate does stir something in the young man and force him to take the first step on a dark path in attempting to rewrite history for his own ends.

Given the lecture hall set-up the issue is even more verbose than usual in throwing out ideas from ancient philosophy to modern science fiction to explain the nature of the universe as we know it. The real reveal isn't the discussion itself (which I'm sure has clues to larger themes buried in Dr. Simon's ramblings) but the dark nature of Ian who not only tortures the blinded Fortunato but also prepares to use the power of the Cylinder for his own dark purposes. For fans.

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