Monday, August 14, 2017

Dark Matter - The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

A little knowledge can be dangerous. Information from their recent rendevouz sends the crew of the Raza to a secret Dwarf Star base where they discover that Two (Melissa O'Neil) is far from the only one of her kind. The facility houses thousands of sentient biological machines, all with pre-made backstories ready to be awoken and unleashed upon the galaxy. However, that's not the most disturbing part of what they find on the station. Confirming Three's (Anthony Lemke) recent nightmares, the Raza find a gateway where alien parasites await to come through and take control of their willing synthetic hosts. The arrival of a Mikkei ship doesn't help situations, especially when Five (Jodelle Ferland) discovers one of their soldiers is another synthetic agent.

The episode's plot ties back to the future conversation about looming challenges for the Raza and the galaxy. There are a couple of small plot holes (such as the Raza could have reactivated the satellites to fight off the Mikkei or at least keep them from the planet, and a working Blink Drive should have been able to get the Raza to safety at any point). That said, the episode does clue us in on a sinister new adversary. Two may have survived the destruction of the facility (possibly changing the future before the conspiracy ever got fully on track?), but her captor likely doesn't have her best interest in in mind.

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