Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Freemaker Adventures - Flight of the Arrowhead

The Second Season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures has been about completing Rowan's (Nicolas Cantu) vision of the ship that will save the Rebellion. After retreiving the final piece, and getting out of the fray of the Rebellion's latest skirmish wit the Empire, the Freemakers and head to the deserts of Jakku along with Quarrie (Corey Burton) and Valeria (Yvette Nicole Brown) to finish the Arrowhead in seclusion. However, it turns out the desert isn't quite as abandoned as they believed.

Proving again that the galaxy isn't as big as everyone thinks it is, the Freemakers run into incessantly demoted Durpin (Richard Kind) and Plumestiker (Jeff Bennett) once more. The pair temporarily prevent the group from assembling the ship but are ultimately defeated by a rather ridiculous plan involving Kordi (Vanessa Lengies) putting a bucket on her head and pretending to be Darth Vader. Following the deception, and the completion of the Arrowhead, we finally get to see the ship in action. As promised, it's a game changer. Able to slice through ships like a lightsaber, the ship appears unstoppable. The trio is praised for their triumph and promoted, but the enemies are still searching for the youngest Freemaker and their adventures aren't done yet.

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