Monday, August 28, 2017

Dark Matter - Nowhere to Go

Dark Matter closes out its Third Season with a bit of a messy episode which opens with Two (Melissa O'Neil choosing not to shoot Ryo (Alex Mallari Jr.) and closes with the death of a member of the Raza's crew and the arrival of an armada of black ships through a breach in space-time. While overburdened a bit with too much plot, the episode certainly provides its share of memorable moments including Two's betrayal, the resurrection of the alien storyline, Three's (Anthony Lemke) capture, and the destruction of both the Blink Drive and the Marauder.

After a full season of the crew never getting on the same page about how to use the Blink Drive it appears that the decision has been taken out of their hands. The twist of having the drive prove inoperable the one time the crew decides to use in in the war by attacking the Ferris Corp's secret shipyard is a bit underwhelming. The arrival of the alien ships suggest a shift to a new story arc next season although there are still plenty of plot threads left unresolved her including Three and the alternate universe doppelgangers, the effects of the crew of the loss of Six (Roger Cross), Ryo's future, and just what will happen to Two now that she's been infected by the alien parasite.

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