Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Freemaker Adventures - The Storms of Taul

When he was first introduced in 2009 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I wonder if anyone thought Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings) would still be going strong eight years later on other Star Wars animated properties. In "The Storms of Taul" Hondo offers to help the Freemakers search for a piece for the Arrowhead on the planet of Taul (which he forgets to mention is covered in acid rain and lightning storms). Hondo's betrayal of the group and the sudden appearance of M-OC (James Urbaniak) don't help matters.

The other part of the episode allows John Ratzenberger the chance to reprise his role from The Empire Strikes Back of Rebel Alliance spy Bren Derlin. Escaping a Star Destroyer with Imperial troop movements, Derlin waits in an escape pod for the Freemakers to rescue him. However, with Taul on the way to the rendezvous, our heroes do get a bit sidetracked. Thankfully the optimisic Derlin doesn't panic as his situation becomes dire and eventually the Freemakers manage to make it off Taul with the part they came for. They even get a little revenge on Hondo for trying to steal their ship.

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