Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Shadowhunters - Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

"Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen" pushes events forward to the show's looming season finale in two weeks. First, after an attack on Max (Jack Fulton), Jonathan (Will Tudor) is forced to push up his timetable and attempt to steal the Mortal Mirror before they young boy can awake. Second, despite the recent turmoil, the return of a rival, and the drama over a mundane being turned into a wolf, Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) reasserts his dominance over the pack (although tipping off his partner about the dark world underneath the surface). And last, given an ultimatum by the Seelie Queen (Lola Flanery), Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) must balance his feelings for Alec (Matthew Daddario) against doing what is best for the Downworlders.

While both the Magnus/Alec storyline and Simon (Alberto Rosende) learning about Maia (Alisha Wainwright) both push the show too far down the path of soap-opera melancholy, the reveal of Jonathan is well handled. With a couple of tricks up their sleeves, the show's writers reveal the mirror which Jonathan killed for to be nothing more than a fake meaning the real mortal instrument is still out there for either Clary (Katherine McNamara) or the Shadowhunters enemies to find. As for the Downworlders, it appears Magnus has made his decision... but just how far will he go to protect his own?

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